Analysis of Calvin's motivational problems and suggestions for solutions
We're counting on your team to help us out with Calvin. Your report should thoroughly and thoughtfully address the following three questions:
  1. What is Calvin's motivational pattern? In part 1 of the description, you identified the main motivational patterns described by your perspective. Now we need you to identify which of these patterns Calvin displays. Be sure to refer to specific actions that illustrate which pattern(s) Calvin displays.
Give examples of what Ms. Wormwood could do to change up the classroom. ++ Calvin is Mastery Performance orientated (Ego and self-paced for himself and whatever he can get out of it), He is Performance orientated in the fact that he needs rewards at the end to motivate him.
  1. Why does Calvin have this motivational pattern? In part 3 of the description, you described factors that influence students' motivational patterns. Now use this information to figure out what is causing Calvin to display his particular motivational pattern.
++ Because of Ms. Wormwood is not motivational, she brings him down. She should doesn't have much constructive criticism, she doesn't stroke his ego.
  1. How can Ms. Wormwood foster a more productive motivational pattern? In part 4 of the description, you identified teaching methods that foster productive patterns. Now explain how
++ She could make it more fun within the classroom, boost and encourage egos, give encouragement for just attempting as well as getting right, laid out scales of projects.
  1. Ms. Wormwood could apply these methods to help Calvin. Provide specific examples and thorough explanations. Clarify how the methods will solve the cause of the problem (which you just identified in part 2).
++ He needs reasons, and not feeling like his questions are stupid., and give him more options and choices and show off when he does do good.
As with the description, be sure you focus on your motivational perspective in addressing t