Calvin Project Homepage

(for PSY 644: Motivation in Education)


Calvin is quite the character and he happens to display nearly all the maladaptive motivation patterns (and some of the good ones too) in humorous ways. This gives us the chance to analyze particular behaviors and consider how productive motivation patterns could be fostered. I created four wiki pages with Calvin & Hobbs cartoons. Each set of cartoons relates to a particular motivational perspective: competency beliefs, goal orientation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, or motivation to learn. These perspectives match up with the course modules. On each wiki page, contribute your brilliant insight to answering the listed questions by the date listed in the class schedule. I would prefer if you all did this throughout the week(s) of the module rather than waiting until the last day.

Wiki #1: Competency Beliefs
Wiki #2: Goal Orientation
Wiki #3: Internal and External Motivation
Wiki #4: Motivation to Learn