Calvin is exhibiting some external attributions as well as some other motivational factors. He is attributing his lack of knowledge of Concord to the fact that he uses a bus to take him places and therefore wouldn't need to know such things. He is also very good at using some self -worth protection strategies to help him cope with being unable to answer the questions on this history exam. For example, jokingly pretending that he is a secret agent that cannot "divulge" information regarding Plymouth Rock. He also jokes about describing Newton's Lw of Motion in his own words. Calvin is a committed underachiever who displays a nonchalant attitude towards his education. In reality, I think that Calvin does want to know the answers and learn. If he wasn't seeking positive feedback from his teacher, then he wouldn't bother cheating off of his classmate. Calvin's joking manner is only masking is real desire to achieve success.