Three Motivational Patterns exist that determine how, why, and if someone wants to do something. These three patterns are the Locus of the person, the stability of the work, and the control-ability of the work.

What exactly is Locus.
*Locus is the feelings of self-esteem, shame or guilt that a person is feeling at the time of the activity about themselves, and the work they can do on the activity.
-One big factor is the angle at which the person looks at the activity. The first thing that the person needs to do is is tell
themselves that they can do this if they try. A big deterring factor is the native ability one sees in him or herself. They
tell themselves before they even start that this will be hard because they know they are not good at something related to
the activity.
-The next factor that contributes to give yourself the motivation you need to complete something with the best work you
can. Telling yourself that you can do it, and then actually doing it is a huge self-esteem booster and it just may give you
what you need to finish the activity strong. Always remember, if we fail at something, we tend to put the blame on
someone else, even if it is our fault for not doing something. Taking responsibly for something you did or didn't do is a big
step in realizing the areas you might need to work on.

Now we are going to discuss Stability.